Monday, 13 May 2013

This and That

As the titles goes. This is just a post to...well post some odd bits that don't make for a good post by themselves.

I haven't actually gone out with the combination of leopard print leggings and my imitation tartan creepers yet but I will brave it eventually. I live in a rather tracksuit infested market town and sometimes it's best not to stand out too much...I tend to be more adventurous in style when I know I will not be by myself or am going out of town. With the amount of idiots found in market towns it's usually safer that way as I don't really like being harrassed by people in groups...

My mum did some flower arranging at the W.I. The one on the left is hers and the other is someone who let her take theirs? Or she stole it...

This is my dwarf rabbit, Izzy. Don't let her cute looks fool you, she's damn vicious when it comes to food!
I keep trying to get in to using instagram but my phones camera is pretty bad. I also forget to take my phone out a lot, which generally makes it quite pointless.

 I forgot to add this to my art post but here is a photo of my mum with a drawing I did of my Grandad from his younger years. I never got to meet my Grandad but my brother adored him so I drew this for his birthday. It's hanging in his house now, which I am really happy about. I was kind of worried it might get tucked away somewhere!

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