Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hyper Japan OCT Outfit & Bleaching My Fringe.

This was my outfit for Hyper Japan back in October. The air was chilly but it wasn't too bad so I had decided to wear a skirt. It's ironic because I was in skinny jeans all summer, despite the random bursts of hot weather inbetween the showers we had.

One with a glare...

And another with a smile!

As I usually ask my mum to take quick photos on our way out for me (probably not the best time) she said for me to take one of her too. She's so cute!

 Not the most flattering photo but my mum prefers to be knee deep in mud gardening, rather than dressing up so it was probably one of the few times she would let me take a photo with her! She's not vain, she just doesn't want to see what she looks like when she's really scruffy haha.

I had only just started growing out my short hair, which was short at the back and sides but long at the front with a fringe so I had started to tuck it behind my ears and wear hats. You can't see it too well but I had purple in my fringe still. It was blonde for years (age 16-20) but the difference between the freshly bleached (yellow) roots and the over bleached (fried but white) ends was really aggravating me. I always went to the hairdressers and it was very expensive just to have an inch bleached but recently I started doing it myself and not only is it easier to stay at home but the bleach I use does just as good a job. It cost me around £6 for the bleach (I used Renbows bleaching kit) and I have re done the roots so many times since I bought it. Each time I went to the hairdressers it was around £30. It seems so stupid and such a waste of money now but as my hair is naturally black/brown, bleach always had a tendency to turn orange, which my haidresser always counteracted with an ash toner. As I leave it on longer than I should, though my hair has never been that damaged by it surprisingly, I always manage to get it to a light enough yellow blonde that I can put my purple stargazers dye over it. Though, as I write this today, I have a violet colour on and as it washes out the blue tones are sticking to the areas that were not bleached light enough and are trying to take a green colour on. This has happened before when I used my violet dye (which is actually Renbows 'Hot Purple' but it's definitely more blue) and yet I never learn. If my purple doesn't take well enough over it again I am going to have to wash my fringe a few times with my tar shampoo and then bleach the whole thing all over again. Which will go green before it goes blonde. My hair is constantly trying to go green. If I could get my fringe light enough, I'd try pink but I always end up going back to purple. It's not even my favourite colour but hair wise I just feel it suits.

Hyper Japan wasn't actually as interesting as I'd hoped but this may be because I was hoping to see an interesting array of fashion followers but I went on the Friday to avoid over crowding. Being amongst a crowd probably would have been better. It was also £10 to get in, which felt ridiculous because there were really only stalls to look at, which then cost more money. Watching this top chef cut up a large tuna fish and prepare Sashimi was really interesting though. This was the only photo my mum and I took.
I'm not sure whether I will be attending it again. Perhaps on a Saturday.

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