Thursday, 2 May 2013

Brand New Blog

First post on a new blog. After deleting my tumblr, as I am so easily distracted from what I should be really doing (dubbed the procrastination queen, a title I imagine is shared by many these days) I wanted a new outlet as my interest in fashion revamps itself. I have no idea how long this will last for or how long it will be until I cave and get another tumblr, to keep up to date with what I used it for, which was to follow Japanese fashion blogs.

Okay, I'll start with todays outfit, then I will probably work my way back as I spend about 70% of the time in what I call 'slob wear'. When I go to university I am going to look a disater the majority of the time.

02/05/2013 Outfit - The following outfit on I am terrible with html so I have no idea currently how to embed the link on to this post.


 I used to always wear winged eyeliner but my lazy streak has had me wearing only mascara on my eyes recently. It makes me feel quite boring but I look oh so young (I'm 21). The fringe is in much need of a trim, as I am not keen on long fringes on myself. I think it gives me a bit of a square face and I much prefer a football head!


I took this quickly at the end of the day. The massive clip was not part of the outfit!


 Being silly ;)

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