Saturday, 11 May 2013

Art Work & Excuses

I am really bad at updating this already. My excuse is that this has been a busy week  but it hasn't been really. I actually have a lot of college work to do, I've just been putting it off. My nans funeral took place this week. Now that it's over I might concentrate a little better now.

I'm just going to post some of my past art work today. Spanning newest to oldest...which is probably the wrong way to go about it, as it progressively gets worse as you scroll down haha.

My drawing of Alisa Ueno

 This one was edited later on to be darker. There is quite a difference but I am not sure which one I prefer.

 My drawing of Ikeda Hirari. It doesn't really look like her too much so I will have to have another go. She's such a beautiful girl and I haven't captured that.

 An old attempt at water colours.

Playing around with lino printing!

A few old drawings from my scanned folder that I liked.

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