Monday, 13 May 2013

Re Wearing Clothes

This was just something I threw on when I got home. I tend to wear skinny jeans and plaid flannel shirts to college. It's the easiest type of outfit to wear when dealing with various art materials but it doesn't half look like I own a hell of a lot of plaid flannel shirts. I think I own about 6? They are all in different colours...

Top - hand printed at my colleges taster day
Shorts - from a charity shop
Cardigan - Tescos
Leggings - Primark
                                                            Hat - Mum knitted it for me

I have a habit of putting clothes I haven't really worn properly to the side to be worn again, hence why the shorts and shirt have featured twice. I kept waking up late and barely spent that much time in the clothes.

And the Kpop song I am addicting to listening to right now. No idea what they're saying but I just love the bubbly happy vibe this tune and video give off haha. Bang Yong Guk is also beautiful to look at in this.
The 'This is you' written on the card also makes me laugh every time. I mean, I have absolutely no understanding of the Korean language so I can't really talk so to speak but I really love (in an affectionate way more than pointing and laughing) the Koreans (and Japaneses) take on English.

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