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Usually I see this types of posts as kind of pointless but I imagined they were sort of fun for the poster to think about. So here I am, doing one myself. Though what I am about to post are people or styles I like rather than inspirations I actually try to emulate. I'm more of a frankenstein of a less flamboyant form of these styles (in my mind) of these people whose styles I adore most. Most you will have defintely heard of them if you are interested in Japanese or even Korean popular culture.

All images can be found on google by typing in the persons name, although all of these have been shamelessly uploaded from a folder on my laptop... I feel quite guilty not knowing where I saved these from now, it's usually a mix of tumblr and google.

Seto Ayumi 
(Photo from tumblr but probably originated from her blog,
Definitely my favourite Japanese magazine model. Although I don't always like what she's wearing, she never fails to be both quirky and cute, which is exactly what I adore about her! 

Kimura U
 (photo from her blog )
Another of my favourite magazine models. Just looking at her makes me want to throw on pastel colours and tie my short hair in to bunches. I simply adore her extreme cuteness. I actually drew this photo of her and tagged her in a tweet, back when I had twitter, to which she re tweeted it! I had such a fan girl moment.

(Image from tumblr. Does she have a blog?)
Sometimes I like what Akira is wearing, sometimes I don't. But generally, I really like her androgynous style with a 'punk' aesthetic. She always looks cool. I had a big thing for androgynous fashion when I had short hair so for a while she was a favourite alongside the style of GD.

G Dragon 
(Image from google, from another blog so I am not sure of the origin.)
He was bound to come up eventually. When I first heard of Big Bang or Kpop in general, it was during the release of their song 'Monster'. I can't remember if GD was still sporting the 'seaweed' hair style but that was the era in which I liked his style and Big Bangs performance outfits the most. I also liked TOP's blue hair, which was what made me google them in the first place. Now a day's I kind of prefer Taeyangs personal style, which is not something I ever thought I'd say...

Sayoko Ozaki 
(From tumblr. Perhaps a magazine scan?)
My favourite Gyaru magazine model. She always looks so effortlessly sexy. Big girl crush.

 Ikeda Hirari
(Photo from
If you're interested in Japanese street fashion, you can't look anywhere without seeing her crop up (tumblr included) and rightly so, her clothes, her make up, her constantly changing hair style and colour, she's visually incredible!  I think I'm actually the same age as her or maybe a few months older and I'm just in awe of the way in which she goes about the constant transformations. I wish I was as dareing with fashion, though I daresay perhaps the setting of where I live wouldn't be the best place to go about with such bold looks.

Juria Nakagawa
(Image from
Probably tumblrs No.1 'IT' girl, as well as being a Harajuku style icon alongside Ikeda Hirari.
I like her style now but I have to admit my favourite style era of hers was from last summer, where she mixed sexy and cute, creating what Tokyofashion could only dub Juria-kei. I simply adored 'Juria-kei'!

Alisa Ueno
(Image from her tumblr,
Her style is just so undoubtedly cool and edgy.

Block B
 Their Music Video outfits, specifically NILLILI MAMBO and NalinA.
(Image from
Or should I say their music video styelists choice in style? I don't pay much attention to their 'off time/airport' photos but I do love their sort of 'hip hop meets punk' style that they carry in the aforementioned music videos. Zico's outfits are usually my favourite.

The Twins Miho and Maho
(Image from
These girls always look so amazing. There style is so edgy and eye catching and what's better, they don't just stick to one type of look, sometimes they wear a softer looking style with colour whilst style retaining an edge that just makes them so cool.

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