Monday, 13 May 2013

The Sun Shone So I Wore All Black

It was a hot day when I threw this outfit together. When It got colder I put on my cardigan. Seriously, trust me to put on all black when it's hot out...

Collared Shirt from Bank
Braces from Primark
Shorts from Primark
Socks from H&M
 Sexy Cardigan from Topshop
Headband from Miss Selfridge

Whenever I try to blog, I always write in this simplistic, overly cheerful tone that I always feel doesn't  sound like me translated in to type. When I think about how I actually speak, it's an absurd mix and match of colloquial English and overly formal phrasing. My family is from Yorkshire, Scotland and Ireland and I've come to realise through my classmates that I use phrases and words that are not considered 'southern English' (though to be honest, we're not in the South either, being in East Anglia and all...) and people have asked me where I'm from or even questioned the validity of my phrasing. I also watch a lot of documentaries, period dramas and read a lot and I am not kidding when I say I am a bloody parrot. Words just stick in my mind and I end up using them. A English teacher was thoroughly amused by something I said the other day, telling me that I sounded like I'd just hopped out of the 1930's. To add to it, I told him I was going to 'retire' for the day and go home. I can't help it, I am either so muddled my words aren't even in the correct grammatical order for English (that's what I get for listening to all those foreign music videos) or I the manner in which I speak is a mess of the modern and historical, like a Southern accented, Yorkshire pronouncing (thanks mum, forever being corrected on 'grass' and 'bath'), lass who can't quite make up her mind.

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